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Norns, Ettins & Grendels.

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You might be wondering why Norns are divided into three different categories on this page. It's simply so that you know which genome the Norns you are downloading have. "Why do I need to know this?" you may ask. It's because you can't breed between the three different genomes without getting a lot of baby Norns that faint soon after birth. So therefore if you breed C256/Amnesia Norns (these are Norns with the same genome that the Santa Norns & the Golden Desert Norns have, and can be bred with the Norns you originally get with the game), you should only download those type of Norns. If you use Canny Norns then only download Canny Norns. Or, if you prefer Nova Subterra Norns, only download those. If none of this makes any sense to you, e-mail me & I'll try to elucidate. Things do get confusing sometimes.

C256/Amnesia Norns
A group of first generation baby norns, breeds a to k.

Canny Norns

Nova Subterra Norns