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Norns, Ettins & Grendels
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The discovery of a game that let one breed and raise one’s own virtual animals complete with their own organs, emotions and genes led to many hours in front of the computer. Schoolwork and full sentences were abandoned in favour of conversations that went something like this, “Burble eat food.”
“Dat Food.”
“Burble look food. Eat food. Eat food. EAT FOOD!”
They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, they’ll make you think, they’ll make you tear out your hair in frustration. That was Creatures 2, but despite all its flaws I loved it, and my family of Norns. I had thirty generations of Norns memorised in my head. I could tell you who was related to who, and how they were descended from the matriarch of my Norn clan, Burble. I started a website. (“Norns of Our Albia” because Creatures 2 was originally my sister’s game, a birthday gift that she let me share and then, eventually, graciously buy off when her when it became apparent I wasn’t going to let anyone else play the game for fear of them killing my favourite Norns.) My website grew, a rather dodgy affair unfortunately, messy and large, a reflection of my state of mind at the time as an unmedicated schizophrenic, but I loved it, and it was my major hobby. Eventually, I bought the original Creatures game as well, and fell in love with the simple gameplay and delightful personalities of the Norns in it. I bought Creatures 3 as soon as it became available in Australia, and whilst I did like the game, it didn’t compare to the earlier titles. The Norns weren’t as cute (as superficial as it sounds) and too easy to look after. How I longed to spend hours trying to coax a stubborn Norn into consuming a piece of cheese, a tomato… anything! only to have to resort to an injection to stop them from starving to death. Creatures 2 had left an indelible mark on my brain as to how to care for Norns, it seems; without having to wave a ball in front of a Norn’s face and repeat “toy” five times only to have them spend the rest of their lives referring to a patch of mushrooms, and the occasional nut, as toys, the game just wasn’t the same.
But, nevertheless, I still play Creatures 3 every now again, and Norns of Our Albia has been reopened in this time of waning interest in the Creatures games and the closing of many of the older websites to be a small, but well-kept website. With agents, links and, of course, Norns. I can’t guarantee that I will update much (too busy with getting my Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and developmental biology, I’m afraid) but it’s here, it’s open, it’s (more or less) functioning.
If you want to get in touch, my e-mail address is Do say hello, I am fairly affable and quite partial to getting e-mails from strangers. My name? Jessica. Hi.