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A Nornkeeper's diary.

Thursday the 24th of March, 2005.
Interestingly, it's twenty past nine on a Thursday night and I am sitting on my bed with my laptop on, surprisingly enough, my lap typing this out. My flatmate is going to Fortitude Valley to go to the Zoo (a live music venue where the only animals on display are the musicians on stage) and she asked if I would like to come along and I said, "No, I'm too tired." Which is true. I've had a long day and all I want to do is curl up in bed and go to sleep. But, that will have to wait because I thought to myself a few hours ago, "Oh, I have a Creatures website again. I wonder what's happened to that?" Well it hasn't been deleted (thank you Tripod), but it hasn't been updated either. So this is my attempt at adding content. A page where I get to ramble and tell about a) Creatures and b) my life aside from Creatures. Because, strange as it may seem, I do have a life. A pretty boring life, but a life none-the-less.
Creatures 2 is running as we speak/as I type. I have one norn in my world at the moment, the effervescent Knee, a young male Norn who I intend to breed with a female Norn I have stored safely on my hard drive. I'm just waiting for Knee to reach adolescence. (I have a thing with naming Norns after body parts: Elbow, Knee - I suspect some of Knee's children will be christened Heart and Lungs with the way things are going.)
I tried fiddling around with my computer trying to get Creatures 1 to run, but, alas, no luck. I miss Creatures 1, I miss trying to breed a Norn with extra lobes and a healthy addition of extra intelligence to go with it. (Something, I suspect, I would have never been able to manage to do, even if C1 ran on my computer).

Oh look at that. Knee's now old enough to breed. Please excuse me whilst I go import Dogo, occupation: cheese eater & super breeder. I predict many millions of cute babies and a burbling population of hungry descendants in no time.