Norns, Ettins & Grendels.

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Note: Creatures 3 creatures can be imported into Docking Station, however Docking Station creatures can't be imported into Creatures 3 worlds. Creatures 1 creatures can be used in Creatures 2, provided you use the Nornverter, but Creatures 2 creatures can not be used in Creatures 1 or 3 or Docking Station. Creatures 3 & Docking Station Norns can't be used in C1 or C2. Confused? I know. It does make sense though, just read it over again more slowly, perhaps.

Also, if you would like to see one of your Norns up here for download, e-mail him or her to me, along with a picture, and I'll put he or she up for download A.S.A.P.