COBs & Agents.

Remember, you can only use each of these COBs/agents for the particular game specified (C1, C2 or C3). There are no Docking Station agents here. Twilight Cat has Docking Station versions of some of my C3 agents on her site though, so if you want to use certain C3 agents here in Docking Station make sure you pay her site a visit. Not all of the COBs/agents here are made by me so if you see your agent here and I haven't mentioned your name, e-mail me and let me know. Also, if you see your agent here and you don't want it to be, feel free to send an abusive e-mail to me to correct the problem. I'll put up instructions on how to install COBs and agents in the hints & FAQs section soon. Most of these COBs/agents contain read me files which should explain everything though anyway.

Creatures 1
Force Field - Sparrow's famous force field COB. Use it to keep Creatures in (or out of) certain areas.
Chocolate Vendor - My first C1 COB. A device that dispenses healthy chocolate for your Norns.
Red Spuzz - A simple squeaky toy for your Norns.
Grendel Mother Pauser - When injected into Albia, this COB will stop the Grendel Mother from laying more eggs. When removed, Grendel eggs will start being laid again as per normal. Useful if you don't want a Grendel in your Albia, but feel you may change your mind later on.
Bread box - Vends a nutritious alternative to cheese. A good staple food for your Norns.
Encyclopaedia Nornica - A must have COB. Teach your Norns to speak! By Slink.
Milkshake Machine - Strawberry Milkshakes for your Norns.
Frog - Want frogs? Yes? Good. Then download this COB.
Dragonfly - Add a new insect species to Albia.
Carrot Vendor - SteerPike's carrot vendor.
Cheese Vendor - And his cheese vendor...
Feverfew Vendor - ...and his feverfew vendor...
Gentian Vendor - ...not to mention his Gentian Vendor.
Lemon Vendor - SteerPike's lemon vendor.
Baobab vendor - Also, his Baobab vendor.
Map - Very useful! A map which, when clicked on, will take you anywhere in Albia you wish to go.

Creatures 2
Imperial Goldfish - An edible, reddish-coloured goldfish for your ponds and oceans.
Mouse 'n' cheese - A mechanical critter that eats any piece of cheese it happens to come across. Also includes the cheddar cheese COB.
Plant-B-Gone - An altered version of Brad Fermanich's Weed-B-Gone COB, expect this COB removes plants (tomatoes and nuts) instead of weeds.
Zander fish Vendor - Baby zander fish in an instant!
Golden tomatoes - Nutritious, delicious and yellow. Like normal red tomatoes only they contain more nutrients and have a lovely golden hue.
Doozer doll - a simple toy.
Hot chocolate - A yummy hot drink for your Norns.
Snowflake - An edible, cooling treat.
Lemony flake - An edible, cooling, lemonade-flavoured treat.
TCFT - It giggles. It's colourful. It has really dodgy sprites. Welcome to the world of the TCFT!
Cookie Vendor - Mmm, cookies.
Blueberry Pie Vendor - Blueberry pie anyone?
Toy hoop - It's green and goes round in circles. It's green and goes round in circles. It's green and goes round in circles.
Pink and blue ball - Another toy.
Tofu Vendor - What kind of vegan would I be if I didn't have a tofu COB?
Bee stuff - Two things here. A queen Bee injector and a bee remover which removes all bees, hives and queen bees. If you don't like bees, use this COB to get rid of them. Do like bees? Use this COB to get more of them. Easy.
Purple Mountain water - It cools, refreshes and cures heavy metal poisoning. Useful for when your Creatures have made their way into the volcano!
Scientific COB pack - Includes a switch that will transport your Creatures to the genetic splicer, a microscope toy and a stick. Yes, a stick.
Tasty Mushroom Patch - JayD's tasty mushroom patch is great. All Norns love it. Click that link and download it now!
Laptop computer - A great word-teaching COB. Also by JayD.
Neptune's womb - Extra incubators that you can put anywhere. Very useful!
Commands - A list of commands that when you inject them, will force your Norn to eat food/push toy/sleep, etc.
Sperm Pack version 1.2 - Includes the lay that damn egg COB.
Plato Project - Adds bridges and things to give Albia more living space.

Creatures 3
Food crate - A box full of seeds, fruit and food.
Amazing Colourful Thing - A toy that relieves boredom, adds bioenergy to the ship and gives nearby Creatures a full vocabulary.
Aphrodisiac mushrooms - Want friendly Norns? Get them to eat these mushrooms.
Hangover potion - Are your Norns drunk? Then try giving them this - it will decrease the amount of alcohol in their system whilst re-hyrdrating them, as well as helping fix some of the injuries that might have been sustained from excessive ale and wine consumption.
Ettin and Grendel mother buttons - Places buttons on the Ettin and Grendel mothers, allowing you to turn them on and off easily.
NornyPorter - This gadget is similar to the Medical teleporter, only it will move your Creatures to the Norn Terrarium instead of the Medical Bay. Useful if you actually want to keep your Norns in the Norn Terranium. It can be connected to other agents as well.
Food fountain - The food fountain is rather useful - it's a vendor that constantly produces seeds, fruit and food when switched on. The food items produced though will decompose eventually if not eaten - so you're not left with an impossibly huge amount of uneaten food if there are no Norns, Ettins or Grendels around. This agent is especially good for wolfing or feral runs, or if your Norns don't seem to like pushing vendors themselves.
Egg timer - This nifty little button when clicked (red with an uncracked egg) will pause all Creature eggs in the game, stopping them from hatching. If you want to un-pause your eggs, just click on the button again (blue with a cracked egg) to let them hatch. This is a useful little agent to have if you just don't want any more eggs to hatch (I wish it had more uses, but unfortunately it doesn't). The button will appear on top of your Norn Egg maker in the Norn Terrarium when injected (but it works for all eggs - Norn, Ettin and Grendel, not just Norns!).